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(Pierre Philippe Meden: Du sport à la Scène, Presse Universitaires de Bordeaux, I.3.3)

1909: Extension of his method to the whole Navy


In view of the excellent results, the Hébert method has been extended to the entire French Navy .


He therefore has the opportunity to be able to train children (from schools of the pupils of the Navy) from 7 to 14 years old as well as young men from 14 to 21 years old.

Children ..
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... to young sailors.
Post card :
"Commandant Hébert's athletes"


However, National Education retains the Swedish Method for its schools ...

Demenÿ who is clearly in favor of  Hébert is fired from Joinville (french official training school) . In 1907, He publishes:


"Evolution of physical education: the French school".

1910: The sun finally rises ...


In 1910, Demenÿ and Hébert were excluded from government meetings on physical education. The Swedish method is used everywhere except in the Navy ...


At the " International Congress on School Hygiene ", the Navy nevertheless succeeded in placing a demonstration made by ... Hébert himself.


At the end of the demonstration of the Swedish method by the land army, General Piquard shouts: "It's grotesque!". The Minister of War adds "it's pitiful".


At this moment, Hébert leaves the official gallery. The gymnasts start shouting "long live the Hébert method" . It's a triumph!


In the evening at the banquet, he is congratulated by the Minister.

Démonstration Méthode naturelle d Georges Hébert

1911: Towards official recognition? ...


Hébert receives the Legion of Honor.


He is granted a private meeting  with the President of the Republic , Armand Fallières. The president  announces to several of his ministers that he intends to make the Hébert method, the official method of national education.


But nothing is moving…

President Armand Fallières congratulating Hébert, in Caen


He publishes the book " The code of force ", which opens the way to the measurement of physical value and progress by establishing a table of performance values ​​rated according to age and sex.


This idea (that he introduced in Lorient and improved with feedback on thousands of people) was first initiated by Demenÿ and Coubertin.

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1912: An new name ... "Méthode Naturelle"

(Georges HEBERT: L'éducation physique ou l'entrainement complet par la Méthode Naturelle, Librairie Vuibert , Paris 1912)
cphoto couverture La Méthode naturelle  Georges  Hébert

Hébert publishes a book in which, for the first time, he calls his method "Méthode Naturelle", whch can roughly be translated in "natural method"


On the cover, he shows  2 children (while he is in an military institution !).


Indeed, Hébert is already trying to push his ideas into scholar education. For him physical education must be part of global education.


In this 1912 book:

  • artificial movements of Swedish gymnastics have disappeared

  • there are only natural and utilitarian movements.

  • there are only 8 families of exercises (it is only later that climbing will be divided into 2 (climbing and quadrupedy) and that the balance becomes a family in its own ;

  • the "parcours" does not yet exist, it will come later.