The tables presented here are taken from the "Code de la force" by Georges Hébert (see "Books").

They concern adults, women and men, from 18 to 35 years old.

The tables for the other age groups will be added later.

Execution conditions

Throwing a heavyweight over the shoulder:

The throw is carried out with one arm, knowing that it is the average of the best throw of the right arm and the left arm which will give the performance.

The momentum is taken in a circle of 1m radius and the launcher must not leave it before the fall of the weight. The weight must in a 2 meters wide strip.


Launch in distance from a light weight (1 kg) by swinging the arm:

The throw can be done:

- by swinging the arm back and forth, the body facing the direction of the launch  (like in bowling)

- by lateral swing of an arm rising above the head, the body turned to the right or to the left of the direction of the launch (like with a grenade)

- by horizontal swing of an arm, the body turned to the right or to the left (like with a discus)


Here again it is the average best launched right arm and left arm which gives the performance


Throwing light weight skill (ball, pebble, etc.) by relaxing the arm :.

The throw is made on a target of 1m² (1x1m) whose lower edge is 50 cm from the ground located 20 meters away.

It is done by a sudden movement of relaxation of the teral of the arm (and not by a swing from bottom to top).

12 throws are made from each arm.



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