Georges Hébert published his first works, as early as 1907.


But it was from 1912 that Hébert called his method "Natural Method".

In 1936, he synthesized his work and more than 30 years of observation and experience, with tens of thousands of men, women and children of all ages. He summurized in a single volume, the doctrinal principles of the Natural Method and the means of implementing it.

Important notice: the 1974 edition that is on sale has important add-ons by Régis (the son of Georges HEBERT). But Régis respectfully signed his add-ons under his own name, so that one can differentiate Georges and Régis.

Régis quotes religious references (Saint John...),  Georges' text is neutral and has no religious quote.


Georges HEBERT's previous works are not presented here.  They can be sent to researchers and specialists who want to study the history of the Method.


All the works offered here are the latest editions of Georges Hébert's works. They are all written in French. Some have been translated into 14 languages.

These books are new (no second-hand). However, depending on the dates of edition or re-edition, they may show traces due to the wear of time.

Note: the heirs of Georges Hébert have donated to the "Association Georges Hébert" all the remaining works from previous editions.

The proceeds of their sale, as well as the members' contributions, is reinvested in the promotion of the work of Georges Hébert.


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