This website presents the 'Méthode Naturelle'
But what is the difference between
Méthode Naturelle and Hebertism ?

Since 1913, fame has very quickly called the "Méthode Naturelle", "Hébert's Method" then by a derivative of its name, "Hébertisme"

It is therefore his action, his work, which took over time the name of "hebertism". Depending on the countries (France, Germany, Belgium, Brazil etc ) or the institutions ( Firefighters, Scouts, Army etc.) it is one of the two terms that is known and used. 

 But specialists distinguish between: 
 - The Méthode Naturelle as the Method of Physical Education of Georges Hébert as described in this website, 
  - Hebertism as a more complete vision of human beings  integrating his specific position in Nature (and of which the Méthode Naturelle is the cornerstone).  

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