8) 1936-1957: HEBERT'S BOOK

Georges Hébert published his first works in 1907.
However, in the light of more than 30 years of experience, on tens of thousands of people, men and women, of all ages, he summarized them in 1936 in a single volume simply titled:
Méthode Naturelle- Volume 1
He exposed there the  principles of what is the Méthode Naturelle and the means of applying it. This work cancels and replaces the previous works written during the beginnings and the emergence of the method.

A seventh edition of this work, posthumous edition, augmented by reflections from his son Régis Hébert, published in 1974, gives a synthesis of the work of Georges Hébert and what is the Méthode Naturelle and  Hébertism.

GEORGES HEBERT ,Le Code de la Force

In "LE CODE DE LA FORCE" , the first edition of which dates from 1911, he defines what "real force" is and in particular physical force.

It establishes performance tables so that it can be measured and compared. (see "controlling your performance") on this website)

In 1925, he published " Sport against physical education ". He won the enmity of all the sports press which this pamphlet.  Indeed, he denounces the physical , moral and social misdeeds of sport excesses, which no one wants to recognize yet, but whose damages  are very clear today. (violence, doping, financial drift, etc.).

Georges HEBERT, Le sport contre l'éducation physique

Yet he only criticizes the use made of misunderstood sport in the education of young people. It does not aim to oppose sport to physical education and considers on the contrary, that the sporting spirit has its place in education as a powerful means of emulation.

But he believes that, like any powerful element, sport must be handled with caution and contained to avoid any conceited and selfish behaviour.

This book marks his rupture with Pierre de Coubertin who initialy inspired and supported Hébert.

From 1922 to 1955, he directed the magazin "Physical Education" . It allows him to developed his thought and action both in France and around the world.

During the Second War and the closing of his schools, Hébert, then aged 65, endeavored to continue his written work by describing all the gestures specific to man in the 10 exercise families (TOME 2 to 5 of "Méthode naturelle")

Marche cs.jpg

It is a monumental work, it took him 15 years to finalize.


Between 1941 and 1950 he published: Walking, running, jumping, quadrupedy, balance, lifting and throwing.


It is a complete encyclopedia of natural movements, full of explanatory drawings, which has no equal to this day.

saut en profondeur.jpg
Example of explanatory drawings.
See the "Media library - books" tab for more details.
72- Jets d'Ruilibre.jpeg

In 1953, Georges Hébert  undergoes a paralysis attack, with loss of speech;


He overcomes the ordeal. He learns to speak again and gets back to work to write his work on "defense ", published in 1955.

Fiftieth anniversary ceremony
Arènes de Lutèce, Paris.
Natural Method 50th Medal.
Sculptor Paul Bemondo
(Hébert family archives)

That same year, 1955, a ceremony was held at the Arènes de Lutèce in Paris, celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the Méthode naturelle.


Georges Hébert, very weak, did not attend the tribute paid to him.


A government delegation goes to his home and awards him the rank of " Commander of the Legion of Honor" .

He begins writing the last book of the last of the 10 families: "Swimming ".

Georges Hébert died in August 1957, at the Palestra in Deauville from a heart attack.


He was 82 years old.

His son Régis will complete this work on swimming and will publish it in a posthumous edition in 1959.


Yvonne Hébert, his wife and discreet support all along his life, died in 1975.


Georges HEBERT
Georges Hébert
Hébert family archives