The Méthode Naturelle  remains alive for training children and adults whenever utility is sought.


The Army, the Navy, the Firemen , and in general the elite corps  use the Méthode Naturelle.

The obstacle course is used by many armies around the world.
it is one of the trials of the military triathlon.


The " Hébert parcours " is part of the training of many Scout movements.

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The " obstacle course" often called "sport" or "health" parcours, installed in the forest or parks are inspired by the Méthode Naturelle parcours (the obstacle course). Unfortunately, it is often in a very incomplete way and not following the principles (3/10/15) of the Method. And often omitting to name Hébert!


However, in Canada, for example, " obstacle courses" are called " hebertism trails ". Most often in the forest ...

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... they can be in the city, like for example in Montreal, on the esplanade of the Olympic Park.

Many new movements have partly taken up elements of the Méthode Natrurelle as the basis of their practice (Mov 'Nat, Parkour, Freerunning, Paleofitness, mudday, bootcamp, spartan race...)



There are Hébertist groups in France and abroad  (especially in Belgium where there is a federation of hebertism (website: https: // sportnat.be ).