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A census of all hebertist groups and local initiatives around the world is being conducted.   It is hard to identify, except in Belgium, all hebertist groups and organisations. 

the map above shows the different known hebertist groups. It is not  exhaustive. You can help complete it.


A distinction should be made:



1) The Hébert centers:


These are centers created on personal initiatives by people convinced of the Natural Method. They are run and managed by volunteers. The oldest, that of Nantes (France) has more than 75 years of continuous existence. That of Orleans, more than 100 years old but with an interruption of several decades.

The Hébert centers in Belgium are grouped together in a federation ( Sport nat : website: https://www.sportnat.be)


Be careful not to confuse the "Hébert centers" that actually practice the Natural Method ... with the swimming pools, stadiums, gymnasiums etc. which have taken the name "Hébert"  . (see below point N ° 8) 



2) The "health" or "sports" obstacles courses:


These are obstacle courses, open to all, generally made available by the municipalities; The practice is free but their optimal use requires a minimum of knowledge of the natural Method. Especially since the quality of the courses is very variable.


Only some of these obstacle races are indicated on the map (for France only).


The map is therefore very incomplete. You can tell us about the routes that you would like to see included via the document "Hebertism in the world" in the "referencing" tab.


3) The hebertism tracks (or paths):


In Canada, these are courses in the trees or on the ground, in Canada, which are called "hebertism trail or path" and which are for the most part profit centers. Like the "health" or "sports" parcours, they have taken up the principle of the Hébert parcours and the name "hebertism", but cannot claim to be representative of Hébertism. 


Note: in the rest of the world, the parcours in the trees are also inspired by the principle of the Hebertist parcours.


Here too, the map is very incomplete and you can tell us about other leads via the document "Hebertism in the world" in the "reference" tab.

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4) Movements inspired by Hebertism:


During the last 15 to 20 years,  we have witnessed the development of new movements that are inspired or derived from Hebertism.


They are called parkour, freerunning, mov'nat, paléofitness, gymnasia natural, bootcamp, mudday, mouvement naturel, natural movment, Spartan... Their practice proceeds from the principles of the Natural Method, but does not always take  all of them or privilege one aspect more than others. Some are private companies.



We want to be precise here.  Some movements say that they refer to Hebertism. But indeed they practice it in a distant way (doctrine not respected, analytical movements or static postures, non-respect of families, etc.). Hence they convey an erroneous message.

We do not mention them on the map and  we urge the reader to be caution with them.

Finally, some websites  use the notoriety of the name as a commercial argument to sell sports articles or training session...

The Georges Hébert Association denounces these practices and will gradually contact these organisations  for clarification of  their position.



Groups, movements or clubs who practice hebertism  and would like to appear on the map can send a request via the document "Hebertism in the world", in the "referencing" tab.


5) the scouts:


Several Scout organizations use Hebertism; It is obviously impossible to put all the troops on a map. Also we only indicate their website.

To date, are listed:

- Italy : www.hebertismo.it

- Belgium : www.lesscouts.be

- France : www.scout-unitaire.org


Other countries : Make yourself known via the referencing tab!




6) The "referent" people:


They are "great connoisseurs" of the Method and / or of the life of Georges Hébert, (historians, educators, researchers, etc.). Students, historians, journalists, researchers and anyone wishing to know more about the Natural Method can get in touch with them (either personally or on the site which will transmit your request).


People wishing to appear as referents can make themselves known via the document "Hebertism in the world" in the "reference" tab.



7) State institutions:


Many state training centers teach and use Natural Method:

- The armies

- The firefighters



Pompiers de Paris.png
Stèle Georges Hébert.  Reims.jpg

8) Places of memory or tribute:


In Reims, a stele marks one of the high places of Hebertism. Elsewhere, various public places bearing the name of Georges Hébert (Stadium, swimming pool, gymnasium, Avenue, street, etc.) also pay homage to  Hébert.

Some places are in the cities where Georges Hébert worked: Reims, Deauville or Lorient.




Stele of the 50th anniversary of the Natural Method in the former "Parc Pommery" (now Champagne park), in Reims
On the left, one of Georges Hébert's grandsons, on the right, one of his great-grandchildren.

Note:   The Georges Hébert Association and the descendants of Georges Hébert have no link (if not sometimes relational) with the various centers or organizations.

They are independent entities which are therefore not subject to any control or to any royalties from the heirs.

During Georges Hébert's lifetime hundreds of independent centers, both in France and abroad were created. On  the initiative of people convinced by the Natural Method, they spontaneously called themselves "Hébert". Georges Hébert did not profit from this; He had the ambition that the Natural Method could be disseminated as widely as possible for the greater good of all and would have liked the Method to be practiced and taught in school because, and we we quote:


"Education is a school masterpiece:  it’s the teachers’ role to carry it out"



The Association Georges Hébert will take care that those who, in one way or another, refer to the work of Georges Hébert, are inspired by it or claim it clearly indicate their source and respect its ideas.



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