In March 1913, an International Congress of Physical Education was organized in Paris, under the aegis of the new President of the Republic, Raymond Poincaré , to compare the different methods that flourished at the time.

The FrenchNavy presented Hébert's " Natural Method ".


Georges Hébert demonstrated with 350 subjects of all ages (from 7 to 21 years old) and not selected for the occasion.

Demonstration at the International Congress of Physical Education, Paris 1913.

He won a real triumph and the Natural Method appeared to the public as “the” method to be adopted.


The press praised Hébert and the Natural Method immediately reached international distribution and notoriety .

A HEBERT support committee is immediately formed with:
  • Georges DEMENY
  • Pierre de COUBERTIN and the Olympic Committee
  • Auguste RODIN (sculptor)
  • Jean BOUIN (Olympic medalist, 35 french  records and 5 world records in running)
  • The Marquis of POLIGNAC
  • jean RICHEPIN (academician)
  • Gabriel BONVALOT (explorer)
caricature Georges HEBERT par Jaffre.jpg
Caricature, by Jaffre, of Georges Hébert published in the press, 1913

1913: The college of athletes of Reims

(Pierre Philippe Meden: Du sport à la Scène, Presse Universitaires de Bordeaux, 2017,  I.5.4, P. 151-165)

Following this effervescence, Hébert - with the support of De Coubertin-was called, in April 1913, to take the head the “college of athletes of Reims”. It is financed by a donator, the Marquis de Polignac, (President of the "Pommery" champagnes).


The college of athletes was inaugurated by the President of the Republic in October 1913.


Georges Hébert trains:


  • top athletes (including Jean Bouin) for the 1916 Olympic Games

  • instructors in 2 separate centers.


The direction of the physiology laboratory is given to his friend Demenÿ.

The college of athletes of Reims: Views of the stadiums and the gymnasium

Fame is immediate and we many delegations from France and abroad come and discover this new method: the "Natural Method".


Unfortunately, the adventure is stopped by the First World War ...