(Georges HEBERT:Le Code de la Force / Chapitre premier /4)

Strength, in its purely physical aspect, is defined by the following different qualities:



Endurance and resistance  is the ability to produce any effort whatsoever, or to endure fatigue, for a prolonged period.

This element of force essentially depends on the operating value:

- of the heart

- and lungs.

It is the natural consequence of regular and methodical training; It comes from sustained effort in general and movement in particular;
It also depends on a healthy life without excess and is intimately linked to the state of health.
It is the essential quality of strength.
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Muscular power is the capacity to execute with the different parts of the body sufficient efforts in all directions (pulling, pushing, lifting, climbing, throwing, carrying, defending etc ...

It depends not only on the degree of development of the muscles but also on the nervous excitement which is communicated to them by the will, ie by the power of the nervous system.



speed is the ability to move quickly or to perform quick gestures, quick relaxation, fast starts, explosive efforts ...

It depends not only on the sensitivity of the nervous system and its power, but also on the muscle quality and flexibility of the joints.
Thin and long muscles are more favorable for quick movements than large and short muscles.



Skill is the ability to use your muscles and use your skills to get a specific result.

It saves your strength and delays fatigue.



Qualities of actions are qualities such as energy, will, courage, coolness, decision, firmness or tenacity. Or even confidence in your own value to overcome your fears, control of vertigo or resistance to  pain.

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Le saut





Knowledge of the procedures for carrying out essential natural and practical exercises, and at the same time a sufficient degree of perforamance in each of them.



Rugdness and endurance to cold, to heat and generally to bad weather. These qualities are in fact part of the general resistance mentionned above.


Finally sobriety, that is to say temperance in his diet.

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These various elements define strengh  in its purely physical aspect. But one should not forget that: 

"The real strength lies not only in the muscles, the breath, the skill, ... but above all, in the energy which uses it, the will which directs it or the feeling which guides it."
(Georges Hébert - Tome 1)