Georges HEBERT : La Methode Naturelle / tome 1 /Première partie /    IV

Natural development


By methodically conducted work and properly adapted exercises, each one can achieve complete development.
​A  developed subject is to be able to move fast and long, overcoming the obstacles he finds in his way.
His organs satisfy the demands of the work he provides.

Natural exercise


Our body is naturally made to walk, run, progress in balance, jump, climb, lift, throw, carry, defend, swim. To train naturally, it is enough ... to walk, run, progress in balance, jump, climb , throw ......

Can you imagine a lion or a bird in a gym?
In the natural state both are perfectly developed. The development of their muscles, heart and lungs is the result of their activity.

In nature, no specific respiratory exercise develops the lungs. All activities that increase the respiratory rhythm to meet increased oxygen requirements naturally increase the lung capacity.
They also increase heart capacity.
This means that running, which intensely strains the heart and lungs, is the basic activity.

On the other hand, artificial exercises -often repetitive- which aim to "take muscle" by strengthening or specifically developing certain muscle groups, require artificial work of the heart and lungs. They alter the organic balance, especially among young people in training.

It follows that the various activities constituting those of the Natural Method can be classified by family: