Life of Georges Hébert

The biography of Georges Hébert could be a real novel.
How the eruption of a volcano ... would reveal a vocation.


Newton did not invent gravity when he saw an apple fall; Gravity preexisted; he only revealed it and wrote the law that governs it.



Similarly, Georges Hébert, did not "invent" or create a method of education.

Through observation, reflection, experience and study, following the path traced by great educators like Amoros (1770-1848), drawing inspiration from the work of contemporaries like Georges Demenÿ or Pierre de coubertin who will become supporters of his action, he built an authentically original work.


Thus was born what Georges Hébert called the " Natural Method".

" Method " ... because of reflections and observations.

" Natural " ... because respectful of the laws of nature.


A whole life which you will discover in the following pages ...